DUB Show / DUB Show in Chicago 2008

Chicago, IL ()

You might not expect the “Dub Culture” to be strong in Chicago because of our brutal winters that litter the streets with salt rocks and potholes. Many cars go into hibernation during the colder months but in the summer the gigantic wheels and radiant paint schemes can be seen around Chicago. The Dub Show is the biggest event for cars that look like they get rented out for rap videos. The cars in this show are all about big wheels, bright paint, and loud sound systems. This lime-green Jeep Cherokee SRT-8 is a good example of those three traits. Old school rides such as this orange Buick Skylark Custom were also a big part of the show. One of the wildest cars at the show was this convertible Chrysler 300 with a Phantom front-end. Some people just use their car as a way to express their interests like this Spiderman-inspired Pontiac GTO. Overall the car show was pretty impressive and it was nice to see new ideas that were coming out by guys really trying to be original. The thing that really stole the show was Ludacris’s performance on stage. Ludacris performed many of his classic hits and newer material with Shawna, Block XChange, and Shawty Low. In the end he tossed out his t-shirt to one lucky fan and that wrapped up 2008’s DUB Show.