Ferrari / Ferraris On Oak Street 2006

Chicago, IL ()

Parking in downtown Chicago can be scarce, to say the least. When you are lucky enough to find a piece of curbside property you say a small prayer, hoping to save your bumpers from bad parkers and your tires from debris that litters the streets. Many people fear bringing their pride and joy to this crowded metropolis, yet every year a group of Ferrari owners swallow their fears and bring their exotics to Oak Street to show off their cars.

Ferraris on Oak Street is the result of a partnership between the Oak Street Council and the Ferrari Club of America (Central States Region). The Oak Street Council is a not-for-profit organization that was established by shop owners and landlord/management companies on Oak Street and the immediate Gold Coast neighborhood.

I thought I was lucky to see an Enzo and then realized that two of them were at the event. My favorite Ferrari is currently the F430, and there were more of them than you could shake a stick (or F1 paddle) at. Ironically, the car that really stood out for me was a Porsche Carrera GT that was parked down the street.

Ferraris on Oak Street was a great event mainly because it was free and allowed people to move around at their own pace. My biggest problems were the crowds and barricades making it hard to take pictures. I would have preferred if more of the owners were with the cars so you could ask questions, but I can understand how hard it would be to stand around your car for hours on a summer day.