Car Shows and Meets / Hot Import Nights

Hot Import Nights 2017: Chicago

All of my pics from the Hot Import Nights car show on July 15, 2017. This show took place at Northeastern Illinois University.

Hot Import Nights 2016: Chicago

Tons of car pics from one of the best-known show series in the US, Hot Import Nights. This show on July 16th was my first trip to the show in half a decade.

Hot Import Nights Chicago 2009

Pictures from HIN on July 11, 2009. Hot Import Nights took place at Soldier Field this year and also had a drift competition.

Hot Import Nights Nightshift Chicago 2008

Pictures from Hot Import Nights Nightshift in Chicago on August 23, 2008. This page features cars and models from the car show in Bridgeview.

Hot Import Nights Chicago 2008

Pictures from HIN on May 10, 2008. The pictures cover a wide range of cars that entered the show.

Hot Import Nights: Nightshift Chicago 2007

These are pictures from the second HIN event in Chicago for 2007. I prefer Nightshift because you can actually see the cars and there are drift and auto-x sessions.

Hot Import Nights Chicago 2007

This section is packed full of coverage from HIN in 2007. I have over 200 photos of the amazing cars that entered the show.

Hot Import Nights: Nightshift Chicago 2006

In this section I have pictures and videos from the second HIN show in Chicago in 2006.

Hot Import Nights Chicago 2002

Pictures from my second trip to HIN. More pictures and more cars.

Hot Import Nights Chicago 2001

These are pictures from my first import show, Hot Import Nights Chicago 2001 at McCormick Place.