DUB Show / DUB Show in Chicago 2006

Chicago, IL ()

McCormick Place

I went to the DUB Show that was held at McCormick Place and took as many pics as my little camera could hold. For those of you unfamiliar with the event it is a huge autoshow held by DUB Magazine. It is a show that focuses on cars with big wheels, custom paint jobs, and more electronics than a Russian submarine. The term "Dub" comes from 20 inch wheels, which used to be the biggest size available (the largest I saw in use at this show was 26").

The whole event was more work than I expected, but worth it in the end. I was cheap so I parked on the street at a meter that was free because it was Sunday. That way I saved $16 from what they were charging. I also got a coupon from a guy at the show for $15 off the price of admission (which was $5 better than the coupon I had). My hard work made the show cost only a third of what it could so I was happy about that.

Unfortunately they were not allowing video cameras at the show so I had to dump most of the supplies I brought with. I also had a hard time working with the lighting in the center. Many of the pictures appear graining or dark as a result. I used my digital camera record some video. It wasn't much but I was one of the few that walked away with anything decent.

The show was dominated by the Dodge Charger and its twin the Chrysler 300C. There were also many Escalades and older cars like Buick Regals. Many of the owners were eager to show off their custom rides but there were an equal number that were just noticeably tired and wanting to head home.

Notable Cars