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@oattmweens @discomfiting @KyleKulinski Russia literally stole Crimea from Ukraine four years ago. In this case, Ru?

11:47 AM - 22 Feb 18

Acura NSX wheel

White Acura NSX

RT @NBCNews: Parkland student during listening session with President Trump: ?How is it this easy to buy this type of weapon? How have we n?

7:58 PM - 21 Feb 18

White Acura NSX

@DKThomp While speaking of safespaces, keep in mind that Trump has only had one press conference since taking offic?

3:45 PM - 15 Feb 18

Automass 2017 (Stance Down Low)

@ClintSmithIII This is a good video on how the NRA shut down gun proposals during the Obama years:

11:13 AM - 15 Feb 18

Maserati GranTurismo MC