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RT @JacobOller: To any and all future professors seeking tenure without watching the animation they're writing about, I ask you this https:?

10:59 AM - 15 Jun 17

Cars and BBQ by Nuccio Auto Group | April 22 2017

Silver Toyota Supra

Blue Honda Civic Si coupe

@RexHuppke I think the type of people that would get up that early for a congressional hearing ARE the type that get excited about voting.

8:05 AM - 8 Jun 17

Tuner Galleria Chicago 2017 (Endless Visuals)

Red Honda Civic Hatchback

RT @McJesse: PLANET EARTH: Car keys Ivanka! Now! IVANKA: I'm looking! PLANET EARTH: Where are the keys. Ivanka... IVANKA: (dangling keys?

6:58 AM - 2 Jun 17

@Chicagoist The link is broken. Here's the real one:

10:16 AM - 26 May 17

TUNER GALLERIA 2017 (bdeusterphoto)

Supercharged K20 engine in Civic Hatchback